Loved By Others


Hi Kathy,

Thought you would like to see a current picture of the puppy.  We named her Sadie and she is such a sweetheart.  She has inherited her mother's tendancy to have to constantly be touching you when she is laying, sitting or standing next to you.  She is wonderful with our older boy and does not play to rough with him.  Hope everything is well with you and your family.  Please keep in touch if you ever make it down this way!

Peggy Burks (Plantation, FL)


IMG 2309

We have fallen totally in love with him. He fits in here perfectly and gets along great with all the animals, even cats and chickens, and is so well behaved. He does great in the house and car and stays by our side continuously. He's so sweet and handsome. We will send some pictures soon. I think he will be my sidekick everywhere. Thank you!

Lynn & Emma (Norris, TN)


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